«For Ever More Images?»

«Exploring the politics of resolution and Big Data—both often disguised as images—we hope to display the tension between the eye of the machine and the never-ending desire of humanity to seek meaning and freedom.»

An interactive exhibition curated by Yorgos Karailias, Yorgos Prinos and Pasqua Vorgia.

Participating artists: Natalie Bookchin, James Bridle, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Harun Farocki, Joan Fontcuberta, Forensic Architecture, Maria Mavropoulou, Panos Mazarakis, Rabih Mroué, Jon Rafman, Taryn Simon, Monica Sziladi, Penelope Umbrico, Cameron-James Wilson, Liam Young.

Onassis Cultural Center Athens, 9-22/4/2019

photo: Mike Tsolis