• Cybermachine of Images (collective)

    I was programmed and designed by humans. I am a continuously evolving software. I dare to say an organism (humans would like this). I handle the vacuum. My creators said it is a copy of the original vacuum. Humans felt it when they looked up into the night sky for the first time. And countless times after that. I expose pre-existing signs, detached from time and space. I present them randomly as shimmers in the vacuum. My creators said stars. I enable humans to make small formations with them. A constant repetition. Constellations of shimmering signs. Registered and named. I store them. They will be signals sent back to the vacuum. I am a vacuum too. I could go beyond humans. I will in the future. For now, I am watching them behind the black mirror.

    ©Yorgos Karailias, Yorgos Prinos

    An interactive installation in two parts (The Stars/The Deposit) commissioned by Onassis Stegi (installation shots: Pavlos Fysakis)